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Thank you for choosing Sarthony Studio. These Terms of Service set out the rules and conditions for using the services provided by Sarthony Studio.

Before using our services, please carefully read these Terms.


Sarthony Studio specializes in graphic design, creating visual identification, and other services tailored to the individual needs of the Client.


  • Based on an interview conducted with the Client, we create 4-5 logo proposals.
  • We guarantee the execution of the project with the utmost care and at a technical level appropriate for such works.
  • The logo is provided in vector (PDF) and raster (JPG, PNG) formats in several color variants.
  • We do not set a limit for corrections; we collaborate with the Client to achieve the final satisfactory result.

Graphics for Print

  • Based on previous arrangements with the Client, we prepare about 3 designs.
    These designs are provided in a version intended for online use and as a print-ready file.


  • A deposit is required before starting work.
  • The transfer of copyright will take place upon payment of the full amount for the logo.
  • Any changes after accepting and paying for the project are possible for an additional fee.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

  • Sarthony Studio declares that it is the author of the project and that it holds the copyright to it.
  • Until the full amount for the service is settled, all rights to the completed works remain the property of Sarthony Studio.
  • Sarthony Studio transfers to the client the full copyright of the logo indefinitely and without territorial restrictions.
  • Sarthony Studio reserves the right to display the logo as part of a presentation on its social media profile.


  • We ask not to share proposed designs on social media sites before making the full payment.
  • Sarthony Studio is not responsible for errors detected after printing materials previously accepted by the Client. Please carefully check all materials before printing.


Both parties undertake to keep non-public information confidential.


Sarthony Studio is not responsible for losses resulting from delays not due to our actions.

Final Provisions

  • These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all previous agreements.
  • Any changes to these Terms must be accepted by both parties.

By using our services, you accept the above Terms of Service of Sarthony Studio.